Google Fiber

Together For

This platform campaign for Google Fiber, launched nationally in 8 cities, shows that superfast Internet can create a lasting positive impact:
Bringing everyone and everything closer together through access. Which in turn leads to all kinds of new possibilities.
It's city pride, meeets rallying cry, meets inspiration.


North Carolina's Triangle and Atlanta are known for incredible things. And with the arrival of Google Fiber,
these cities are about to become even more awesome. Please click images to play.


A selection of print executions using Google's product interfaces. The systematic design helps with easy adaptation for different neighborhood rollouts
and future Fiber cities. Please click images to enlarge.


Google Fiber


Having some fun with #speedmatters, here’s a selection of posts that were made across the social channels. Please click images to enlarge.


Chevrolet Football

Manchester United: Shirt Reveal

Manchester United is the biggest, most popular sports team on the planet. To reach its fans, Chevrolet signed the largest deal ever in sports marketing history
to be the club’s main sponsor. And to officially announce this sponsorship, Chevrolet chose the biggest stage of all—the semi finals of the World Cup—to show
the world the next evolution of one of the most iconic shirts in all of sports, and spread the word through broadcast, digital and social media, building upon
the tagline “What Do You #PlayFor?”


To celebrate the first Manchester United shirt to bear the Chevrolet name—there have only been five sponsors in the clubs' storied 136 year existence— this spot
introduces Chevrolet not just as a faceless sponsor, but rather as a rabid and passionate fan, engaged and very, very knowledgable about the team's rich history.
There are also nine cameo appearances by Man Utd legends, including Sir Bobby Charlton, Denis Law, Gary Pallister and Dennis Irwin. Let’s see if you can spot them!
Please click image to play.

Some early stats on the film:
1) 17+ million views in the first two weeks alone across all social channels.
2) 3+ billion impressions worldwide.
3) The most-viewed, liked and shared video in the history of Chevrolet, General Motors and Manchester United.
4) A staggering 28% engagement rate, also the highest of any video in the history of either of the three brands.

Facebook Experience

Join the squad, lace up your boots and #PlayFor Man Utd. Fans were encouraged to upload their picture to create a video of their first day on the job
in the new shirt and share it on their social networks. Below is the generic one, co-directed by yours truly. To upload your own pic to demo, you can do it here.


This is what it sounds like when 109,318 crazy fans sing along with the spot at the largest match ever attended in US soccer history.
Manchester United vs. Real Madrid in Ann Arbor, MI. Please click image to play.


The spot has also set the record for most amount of earned media amongst all General Motors brands, as well as for Manchester United.
Some kind words from our esteemed journalist friends. Please click images to enlarge.


Chevrolet Football

Manchester United: What Do You #PlayFor?

During Chevrolet’s journey around the world to spread goodwill and social change through the power of play (“What Do You #PlayFor?”—more on that further below),
we found eleven young and inspiring children who believe that through play, all things are possible. We gave them the opportunity of a lifetime: to take the field
as honorary mascots alongside their Manchester United heroes during the season opener.

Mini Docs

Prior to the match, each of the eleven kids was introduced to the world at via a set of mini-docs from ESPN Films.
Here’s the story of one of them, Mfanelo, alongside a recap of all the children’s visit to Old Trafford. Please click images to play.


Right after the game, this spot ran across the world. Please click image to play.


Chevrolet Football

What Do You #PlayFor?

“What Do You #PlayFor?” is a social and digital global campaign that announces Chevrolet’s commitment to bringing the power of play to football fans
near and far. Translated into eleven different languages, it’s a celebration that play creates a positive and lasting impact. It establishes the Manchester United
sponsorship, other initiatives and partnerships worldwide. Besides some of the content mentioned below, an extensive image library, styleguide, and tool kit
were created for adaption by the regional markets around the world.

Case Study

This way to the case study. Please click image to play.


This is the anthem TV spot to kick off the campaign, which was directed by yours truly. Please click image to play.

Online Films

Over 100 pieces of original content were produced to keep the engagement and #PlayFor conversation going, including videos of Man Utd’s star players
reacting to the power of play. Here are two examples. Please click images to play. Or you can see all of them on

One World Futbol

In addition to sponsoring Man Utd, Chevrolet is doing everything from donating 1.5 million virtually indestructible soccer balls to children around the world
to restoring and building soccer pitches globally in places where play is needed most. Like in the slums of Bandung, Indonesia or in Kibera, Kenya for example.
All with the help of NGO's and Man Utd legends providing valuable coaching lessons. Please click images to play.


All of this content, along with news and promotions, is displayed on the responsive and playful Moreover, all the conversations and engagement
containing the #PlayFor hashtag from all the major social networks is aggregated here as well. Given this, the site is always “on” and is constantly updated.
Visitors can also directly interact with the content by filtering it with popular tags that are most relevant to them. And, they can contribute to the conversation
by answering “What Do You #PlayFor?” directly on the site and share with their friends and followers. Please click images to enlarge.

Behind each photograph, content is revealed on rollover. It can be filtered by social network activity which is color coded by the type of posts.
Please click images to enlarge.

And this is how the responsive design looks on mobile phones.
Please click images to enlarge.


At Manchester United’s Old Trafford, “What Do You #PlayFor?” got across through a stadium domination at arguably the EPL’s most storied game versus Liverpool.
Everything got covered from billboards, parking lots, stadium hallways and VIP suites, to the on-the-pitch LED boards. Please click image to enlarge.


Diet Coke

Stay Extraordinary

Here are a few social media posts out of about 20 supporting Diet Coke's campaign that were pushed out to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Please click images to enlarge or see them on Diet Coke's Facebook page (you need to be logged into your account).




The red cups are back! Print concepts reintroducing this annual tradition and rekindling the holiday spirit. Please click images to enlarge.



Helping Businesses Do What They Do, Even Better.

This TV campaign showcases how AT&T is providing mobile solutions that profoundly impact operations and bottom lines of businesses.
It positions AT&T as an essential catalyst to helping businesses join the mobile realm; providing technology to help them "do what they do, even better."


Online Videos

More detailed and longer versions of these spots are shown as case studies on Please click images to play.



Race to The 2-Day Sale

Target wanted a campaign for their 2-Day sale that would stand out from the door busting/low-price messaging of other retailers.
They also wanted to highlight the fun and design consciousness of the Target brand and get people pumped to get to their sale by 6am.
Meet Cartman. An intrepid little shopper that embarked on exciting pursuits to get to the sale no matter what and encouraged all
to join the fun and get to the sale first.

Case Study

A brief overview of the campaign. Please click image to play.


These spots ran nationally before and during the Sale. Please click images to play. Game

Users were introduced to a game featuring Cartman. Made up of 23 animated segments each with their own unique personality, players could decide
how Cartman would get to the sale through a series of choices. At the end of the game, they could enter a sweepstakes to win a $25 Gift Card.
Please click image to play. game

Web Banners + Viral

Interactive rich media banners gave a sneak peak to the game, while on YouTube, visitors could post their own Cartman adventure of getting
to The 2-Day Sale. The personal clips could also be shared on blogs and Facebook walls. Please click images to play.

2 day banner

Alternative Media Experience

Projected from a moving vehicle onto buildings nationwide in NY, LA, SF and Chicago, among others. Cartman’s five different motions correlated
to the speed of the vehicle. Additionally, Cartman also ran next to commuters in subway tunnels. Please click images to play.


Consecutive strip ads were placed on each section at national and regional newspapers. Please click image to enlarge.

target print


That's nice. Please click image to enlarge.

target adweek


Online Advertising

These rich media and standard banners were part of the Wow Or Never and Holiday campaigns. Please click images to play.

target wow or never
target tree rollover
targert banner tree pyramid
target banner rotary
target banner cuckoo

National Geographic

The Same Planet. Different Worlds.

A campaign to broaden the magazines’ perception beyond its well regarded flora and fauna coverage. Please click images to enlarge.

nat geo boxster
nat geo traffic
nat geo baseball

Adidas Running

Because Every Runner is Different.

At POS locations, specially coated Augmented Reality boards are used to show Adidas' commitment to create products that cater to each
individual runner out there. Runners can get their unique foot print scanned and analyzed, and based on the result, a shoe recommendation
will be made. And after a few customization options, the shoe can be purchased in-store or online. Runners can keep the AR boards and
use them at home as well. Impossible is nothing, indeed. Please click images to enlarge.

adidas AR board
adidas AR board step
adidas AR board webcam
adidas AR board scan
Adidas AR board shoe
Adidas AR board 3/4
Adidas AR board profile shoe
Adidas AR store



BMW dominated all video screens at all baggage claim carousels at the Munich Airport. By attaching a camera to the first bag that was unloaded
from their flights’ cargo area, passengers waiting for their luggage got real-time information on its whereabouts as the camera transmitted the
luggages’ path onto the screens. Courtesy of BMW. Please click image to play.



X1 – Stay Free

Wild, yet stylish. That’s the life our audience has chosen for themselves. Long work hours aren’t a barrier for a joyous nightlife and consumer
criticism is countered with fashion forward thinking. They’re defying conventions and questioning the establishment. This is the launch campaign
for BMW’s smallest and most urban SUV: The X1.

Print + Outdoor Teaser

Unbranded mission statements were posted across cities. Please click images to play.

bmw teaser 9to5
bmw never welcome
bmw jealous

Web Banners

Real-time banners followed visitors and told them what exciting events were happening right at that exact moment. Please click image to enlarge.

bmw banner


In order to gain access to the site, visitors needed to successfully answer a questionnaire. Once in, they registered and received exclusive content
like videos, music and invitations to various events. Moreover, visitors could download, create and upload, and share their own stay-free statements
on the site, on Facebook and on Twitter. Please click images to enlarge.

bmw website
bmw website content


Three-page gatefolds and regular print ads. Please click images to enlarge.

bmw change
bmw in
bmw cute
bmw world is built
bmw 183 miles
bmw work sleep
bmw 9 to 5 ad

Absolut Vodka

Before the World Became Absolut. An Exhibition.

Taking the In-An-Absolut-World campaign further, this campaign focuses on things that we would happily live without in an absolute world:
Everything that saddens us, everything that annoys us, everything that makes us sick, kills our planet, and spoils our fun would simply not exist anymore.
With just caveat: Some of these items - the last of their kinds in an Absolut World - are being preserved and showcased in an exhibition.


“This should be the last of its kind”- stickers and signs are posted to things all over the city that – well – should be the last of their kind.
Stickers are also handed out so people can comment on their own objects that they’d like to have disappear. Please click images to enlarge.

absolut homeless
absolut tattoo
absolut traffic


Print and OOH show a range of objects that are on view at the actual exhibiton, covering multiple types, formats, and media.
Like an audio gallery for ringtones for example. Please click images to enlarge.

absolut bullet
absolut ringtone
absolut anti depressants
absolut page
absolut pop up
absolut lie


Actual exhibition pieces are placed in the real world, like the last coil of barbwire on earth or the last tree that was cut down in the rainforest.
Please click images to enlarge.

absolut barbwire
absolut tree


The exhibition itself. Basically, it's a pop-up museum that can effortlessly tour the world. Please click images to enlarge.

absolut museum exterior
absolut museum interior

Gift Shop

There is merchandising, too: a gift shop where visitors can purchase limited editions of certain objects, shirts, posters, DVDs,
gift cards with downloadable sounds and last but not least, the exhibition’s catalogue. Please click images to enlarge.

absolut poster
absolut catalog
absolut gifts


Online, visitors can virtually tour the exhibition, browse through sound samples, watch videos, listen to celebrities podcasting their favourite pieces, "like" objects
and follow hashtags. But most importantly, everybody can contribute to the exhibition. A platform will allow visitors to upload pictures, stories, movies, sounds –
anything they would like to be the last thing of its kind from their very own point of view. The most inspiring ones will be chosen to become part of the exhibition.
Please click image to enlarge.

absolut website


At the wrap-up party, each item will be sold at auction, benefiting the charities which focus on the imperfections the exhibition addressed.
So in turn Absolut actually helps make the world a more absolute one. The pieces that were not sold go into time capsules that are buried
at the very places the exhibition took place – preserving them for a time when they will really be the last ones of their kinds still in existence.
Please click image to enlarge.

absolut auction


The Clubman

Print, collateral and POS materials for the global launch of MINI’s other MINI: The Clubman. Please click images to enlarge.

mini curves
mini clubdoor
mini urban
mini storms
mini safety
mini stronger brother
mini roundabout
mini cover

Triscuit A Social Network for Home Farmers

To encourage a healthier lifestyle, Triscuit invites people to participate in the Home Farming movement. By providing seeds inside 8 million
boxes of Triscuit Crackers, people can now grow their own vegetables and herbs effortlessly in their apartments or backyards. A Facebook-like
integrated community site has been set up so every one can connect, share and learn about their home farm while growing it at the same time.


Features include a farm feed, interactive farm maps, badge collecting, veggie and herbs growing guides, recipes, video tutorials,
a custom farm plotting tool, and a mobile app, among other useful things. Please click images to enlarge


Once people filled out a questionnaire about their plot size, a customized farm plan is generated that can be printed out and used
for reference. It also includes quick gardening facts. Please click images to enlarge.


This is how it looks like on Triscuit's Facebook tab. Also, visitors receive a $1.00 coupon for "liking" Triscuit.
Please click images to enlarge or visit the Facebook page.

National Home Farming Day

A National Home Farming Day has been declared throughout the country in celebration of home farming.
Please click image to play on YouTube.


Some initial buzz. Please click images to enlarge.



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Recent accomplishments

2014: Contributed to the most viewed post ever, most shared post ever, and most viewed-in-full video ever for Chevrolet, GM, and Man Utd
2014: for global launch campaign of Chevrolet/ Manchester United sponsorship,
2012: Contributed to AOR win of Wells Fargo Small Business for TrueAction
2012: Contributed to digital AOR win of Ahold/Shop & Stop Supermarket for TrueAction
2010: Contributed to global digital AOR win of LG Electronics for PublicisModem

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